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Morven Reid

katrina stewartMorv has enjoyed competitive sport her whole adult life, from soccer to martial arts to years of long distance running and triathlons. Her most notable achievement from that time was completing 5 marathons across Europe, achieving sub 3 hour marathon time that allowed her an elite entry for the London Marathon. She has always balanced a love of the weight room alongside her sporting endeavours, and values the benefits of resistance training as a vital part of every athlete’s training regime. 

Morv took up Crossfit in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. She was a group fitness instructor for 6 years prior to starting Crossfit, and inspired by the fantastic coaches who guided her in her first few years of the sport she completed her Crossfit Level 1 in 2020. 

Morv balances coaching at BTS with her “day job” of being an Emergency Department specialist Doctor, a combination which she finds gives her a unique understanding of the importance of exercise as a vital part of health, the value of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and injury prevention and management. 
Morv is a not only a fierce competitor on the floor, she’s also extremely encouraging and supportive in a class and team environment.

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